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We’ve been creating delicious food for over 35 years

Find delicious food cooked by expert and talented chefs and forget about breaking the bank spending all your money in one dish. Here at Giro D’Italia you will find the best cheap Italian food in Melbourne, with a menu crowded by options that will completely cover your expectations. We are known as the best cheap Italian in Melbourne with an a la carte menu that is constantly evolving as seasons change, adding new ingredients to improve the whole experience. At Giro D’Italia we take pride in having a team of expert cooks who start their preparation process by selecting the right and freshest ingredients in the markets so the final dish is a festival of colours, textures and unforgettable flavours, of course.

Select Giro D’Italia today and live a pleasant culinary experience with a delicious pasta dish, or a sweet and refreshing dessert, we also cheer you to try our cocktails. With a menu full of different options that is constantly renovating itself, we have positioned as the best cheap Italian in Melbourne, and our clients never get tired of trying some of our most innovative offers!

Giro D’Italia is not only the best cheap Italian in Melbourne for people needing a refreshing experience with seasonal ingredients or probably a classic pasta dish that evokes an authentically European culinary experience. Along with being the best cheap Italian in Melbourne serving only delicious food, Giro D’Italia offers a spacious and elegant venue with the capacity of accommodating up to 40 people, being an excellent choice for your special event or corporate dinner. Complete your reservation in only a few minutes through our website and have peace of mind knowing your guests will be impressed by the delicious dishes offered in our menu and our team of professionals will surely handle all your needs.


We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.

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