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Finding the best food in Melbourne city largely depends on your likes and the type of food you want to taste. Yet, looking for a classic option as the world-spread Italian cuisine that has taken delightful dishes around the world, is an excellent way to secure a memorable dining experience that will stay in your mind for a long time. Giro D’Italia rises as one of the premium options for clients that want to try the best food in Melbourne city, in an elegant and luxurious place where all the components set up to host a remarkable afternoon of evening eating delicious dishes with your companions.

We are proud of having expert and talented chefs with the expertise required to turn fresh ingredients into delightful dishes. We also know that pairing a delicious dish with the right wine is essential to boost the entire impact its flavours have in your taste buds, for that reason here at Giro D’ Italia our experts will give you the right recommendation for an unforgettable lunch or dinner. If you want to eat a delicious pasta dish cooked by the chefs that prepare the best food in Melbourne city, here at Giro D’ Italia you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Your search for the best food in Melbourne city ends here, Giro D’ Italia is the right Italian restaurant with the best food in Melbourne city, we have a menu full of different options for pastas, mains, sides, cocktails and desserts. Looking for the ideal venue is also a task that will end at Giro D’Italia, an elegant place with a main dining room where we can accommodate up to 40 guests and make sure they are comfortable during the time the spend here. Make your reservation today through our website!

Giro D’Italia, find a seat at the table where the best food in Melbourne city rests.


We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.

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