A Dedicated Family of Chefs

We’ve been creating delicious food for over 35 years

Here at Giro D’Italia we provide the best Italian in Melbourne CBD, in terms of food and dining experience as well. Live a truly European dinner that will immediately take you to Rome or Sicily, while enjoying a delicious dish full of varied textures, colours and flavours that will prepare your taste buds for a premium experience. We are positioned as the restaurant with the best Italian in Melbourne CBD, truly classic Italian food made with fresh ingredients of a second to none quality, key to having an unforgettable meal. We are proud of being the favourite option for people that want a truly memorable dining experience

Explore interesting textures, vivid colours, exquisite smells and tasty flavours served on your table in the form of delicious dishes that you will not forget easily. We offer a highly seasonal and continuously evolving tasting menu experience, with a big number of wine options so you can choose the right drink to pair the Italian dish you have chosen. This menu a la carte available at the leading restaurant offering the best Italian in Melbourne CBD is composed by all types of food you can imagine, with tasteful mains, sides, pastas, good entrees and desserts.

You can reserve the main dining room for your special event, this way you will find a place to host a successful event where your guests can delight their palates with the masterful preparations completed by our experts. Our dining room can accommodate up to 40 guests and make sure they are comfortable during the time they spend in our place. If you have an upcoming private event and you are worried about the result, you can have peace of mind selecting Giro D’Italia, a place where we will handle your needs successfully. At Giro D’Italia you will find the best Italian in Melbourne CBD and the right place to enjoy it as well.


We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.

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