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Cooking delicious pasta is a big challenge, and you can do it! But it’s also enjoyable to leave it in the hands of truly skilled culinary experts that will devote their efforts to make your meal a tasty and colourful festival of flavours cooked according to the traditional techniques of Italian masters. In order to keep offering the best pasta in Melbourne CBD, at Giro D’Italia our expert chefs only use fresh ingredients of an unmatched quality selected carefully so you will surely enjoy the quality level you can expect from a tasteful meal.

Giro D’Italia has become the smartest choice for people looking for the best pasta in Melbourne CBD, with interesting combinations completed using second to none ingredients to offer a delightful taste to keep your taste buds surprised. Having a lunch or a dinner at Giro D’Italia is one of those memories you will want to repeat in the future, and you will surely recommend to your friends and relative making sure they are impressed and learn to value your good taste. Having a dish of the best pasta in Melbourne CBD is surely an excellent option if you want to celebrate a special occasion.

There are plenty of options in our sophisticated menu, not only the best pasta in Melbourne CBD, but also other options for mains, sides, cocktails and a remarkable selection of tasty wines, this way you can choose the perfect pair for your meal. Our luxurious private dining room is also an excellent place to host your special event and make sure your guests enjoy the wonderful dinner you’ve planned. Speak to us to learn all the details of our service for corporate dinners or special events and make your reservation today!

Giro D’Italia, the place that shows you’re closer than you ever thought to Italy.


We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.

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