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Many people are fans of pastas, and finding a delicious pasta able to impress us and satisfy our hunger for a pasta dish can be challenging. For that reason, when we find one of the best pasta restaurants in Melbourne, they turn into one of our favourite restaurants, and Giro D’Italia is not the exception to this rule. We are positioned as one of the best pasta restaurants in Melbourne due to the quality of the ingredients we use to prepare our exquisite dishes. These ingredients are fresh and in excellent conditions, personally picked by our professionals.

There are many features you can find at one of the best pasta restaurants in Melbourne as Giro D’Italia, features like:

  • Unique dishes created by our specialised chefs, including seasonal ingredients that will completely innovate your dishes and keep you interested in any new culinary offer.
  • All the ingredients are picked personally by our professionals so we will not compromise the quality of the final result.
  • We are placed in an excellent venue with able to accommodate up to 40 people.

At Giro D’Italia we are truly proud of having experts working as chef with great talent and expertise required to turn fresh ingredients into delightful dishes with memorable flavours, vivid colours and notable textures. At Giro D’Italia we also have a selection of premium wines that you can work as the perfect pairing for your dish. We are also the best choice if you are looking for the ideal venue for an important corporate dinner or any private event where you want to impress your guests.

Make your reservation today through our website and come visit Giro D’Itaia, where truly Italian dining experiences take place.


We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.

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