Dining at Giro d’Italia

For a truly memorable Italian dining experience, cuisine and atmosphere are paired as thoughtfully as food and wine.



At Giro D’Italia, our deli menu is full of options you can try, with unique textures and flavours you won’t find anywhere else. We differentiate from other restaurants by keeping a delicious menu that is perpetually evolving and adapting to the likes of our customers. We have options for everyone, and we like to take it a bit further experimenting with innovative cooking trends, always including the best and freshest ingredients available in the market. While our deli menu stands as an excellent example of the festival of flavours and colours traditional Italian kitchens can offer, we like to reflect the cultural variety in our menu and ensure all our customers find a memorable experience when visiting our deluxe restaurant.

Also, you will find specialities proper from each Italian region, with seasonal freshness offered by the best and most distinct seasonal produce available in Melbourne. More than replicating traditional Italian cuisine, we take it one step further, providing it with unique style. We have a plethora of locally inspired dishes, with a wide variety of meal options available in a relaxed environment. Our deli menu is a deluxe example of distinguished flavours with great history behind every delicious dish.

We are proud to be family owned and operated, developing our restaurant into a warm, inviting and picturesque location for all functions. If you are seeking a leading Italian restaurant that is available for all types of events including anniversaries, corporate meetings, birthdays and all types of special occasions. Feel the difference and experience more from your Italian restaurant as we house contemporary deli products that will really seal the deal and leave you with an amazing Italian impression. Contact us now if you want more information about our services, we will be ready to assist you and ensure you have all the information required.


Make a Reservation


The main dining room can accommodate up to 40 guests and requires either a half night or full night buyout. Reservations are available online 3 weeks before the date of the reservation.