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We’ve been creating delicious food for over 35 years

This is Giro D’Italia, a well reputed restaurant known for offering deluxe dinning experiences for those interested in tasting European food, more precisely, Italian food cooked by professional chefs. If you are looking for Italian fine dining in Melbourne at good costs and with a long list of wines to make perfect combinations with the delicious meals you have selected. At Giro D’Italia we offer a delicious menu a la carte with options for your entrees, meals, desserts and even cocktails, always evolving according to the season of the year, this way we make sure we have a new and exciting proposal each time you visit us.

Giro D’Italia is known as the leading provider of Italian fine dining in Melbourne because we bring together classic and traditional Italian food as well as innovative proposals mixing new ingredients with the talents of our experienced chefs. Taste different food that will surely exceed your expectations, we have turned into the main option for people who want to take their partner or relatives to an excellent place and enjoy Italian fine dining in Melbourne. In order to offer a remarkable experience from start to end we also have a long list of fine wines you can choose from and pair your dish perfectly.

Our dining room can accommodate up to 40 guests and make sure they are completely comfortable during the time they spend in our place, enjoying an Italian dinner. If you have an upcoming private event and you are worried about the result, you can have peace of mind selecting Giro D’Italia, since our professionals will handle your needs successfully. Make your reservation right now so you will not lose this opportunity of trying Italian fine dining in Melbourne. Do not forget to try our delicious pastas, it will be just like you were in Italy.


We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.

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