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Welcome to Giro D’Italia, an outstanding option if you are looking for restaurants in St kilda road Melbourne, a street known for its copious offer of excellent restaurants and all types of food. This is a sophisticated venue with all the amenities required to enjoy a delicious meal, additional to this, we have a team of experts that will provide you with a unique and remarkable experience enjoying a classic European dinner or lunch. What makes the difference between Giro D’Italia and other restaurants in St kilda road Melbourne is that we have expert chefs well-versed in Italian food preparation, and they make sure the whole experience complete exceed what you expected from this.

We are proud of offering second to none delicious dishes ranging from entrees to desserts, all available at one of the best restaurants in St kilda road Melbourne. We also have a long list of wines so you can find the right choice to accompany your meal and make the entire tasting experience more impactful for you. At Giro D’Italia we make sure you will keep coming back and make sure they visit us again in the future.

We are an authentic Italian restaurant focussed on making our clients’ experience a memorable event that they will not forget easily. What sets the difference between Giro D’Italia and other restaurants in St kilda road Melbourne is that we also rent our venue with accommodation for up to 40 people. Visiting Giro D’Italia means you will be eating a delightful meal that offers you a mix of vivid colours, delicate smells and tasty flavours. This is also a great choice if you need to host a special event such as a corporate dinner and impress your business partners or clients.

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We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.

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