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We’ve been creating delicious food for over 35 years

Welcome to Giro D’Italia, one of the top Italian restaurants in Melbourne, we are proud of offering people in Melbourne a superior culinary experience that will surely exceed your expectations. If you ever wondered what true Italian food tastes like there is no need to travel to the old continent, you can have it here at  Gino D’Italia, one of the top Italian restaurants that have the talent and specialisation of skilled culinary professionals who carefully pick the freshest ingredients available in the markets and make sure they are prepared according to expert techniques so the final result will be delicious for you.

There is no need to keep searching for the top Italian restaurants in Melbourne, at Giro D’Italia you will find an elegant venue with an extensive menu full of different options for all your meals, including desserts, main and side dishes, pastas and more. We set the difference as the best option from all top Italian restaurants in the area because we offer delicious dishes at the best prices and our professionals are ready to assist you and help you choose the right meal for this occasion. In order to keep evolving our menu and continuously add new tastes that benefit from seasonal ingredients that we decide to add.

Selecting Giro D’Italia is also an excellent option not only when looking for top Italian restaurants but also for an excellent venue where your events such as corporative dinners or other private meetings can take place. We rent our private dining room that accommodates up to 40 people. Giro D’Italia is the most accessible choice to try real Italian dishes here in Melbourne, cooked by specialised culinary masters. Make your reservation 3 weeks ahead of your special event so we can prepare everything and make sure your dinner will be flawless.


We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.

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